Top 5 Best Pentax Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera 2020

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Are you looking for the latest model and recommended for your shooting career or best vlogging camera? There are a lot of available Cameras to choose from, such as Nikon, Canon, Kodak, and Sony. But there is a great and affordable performance camera which is Pentax, and yet it is highly recommended for beginners.

In this article, we would like to introduce the best model K-S2, K-70, and Pentax digital single-lense reflex camera. Also, the recommended products that are very popular in trends today!

How to choose a Pentax digital SLR camera

Pentax Model is now a member of Ricoh according to the latest news, which is the third in the largest brand in Japan after Nikon and Canon. Pentax created an ideal camera for outdoors and traveling, but among them has of each uniqueness depending on the model. To find out which is the right one for you, let's proceed with the following guides in this article.

What are the features of Pentax DSLR Cameras?

The question that you keep on asking on your mind! First, let's narrow down the popular features of the Pentax digital single-lens reflex camera.

Models that are best for beginners with ideal cost performance

Best for Beginners Pentax Camera

The Pentax digital SLR camera described by its compact size and quipped with drip-proof functions, or even dust-proof, and specialized suitable for outdoor activity.

Although this camera has a small line-up and the other models are provided almost the same functions as the higher models, and most of them have a good reasonable cost. Therefore, this product of the Pentax camera recommended for that first-timer owner.

Image stabilization feature is the standard equipment

Image Stabilization Features

There are many digital single-lens reflex camera which not capable of a function camera shake improvement on its body unit or even attached on the lens. However,  most of the Pentax digital SLR camera is equipped with built-in image stabilization, that you don't need to check on the lens when purchasing.

Since the camera lens has a lighter and affordable without the image stabilization features, it also recommended buying more lenses as you can increase the number of photos taken.

The camera uses to shoot landscapes image rather than moving objects

Best for Landscape Shooting

Unfortunately, the Pentax digital SLR camera does not support Fast focus or moving object tracking functions that keeping the subject focus while the speed will not miss the expression. If you want to take fast-moving or running animals, then you must choose a camera from another brand that supports this function.

But then, if you want to shoot an object such as small objects, dishes menu, in graduation pictorial, flowers, and scenery. Then the Pentax digital camera is highly recommended. The impressive color and good color performance will make the beginners take easy beautiful images. If you compared to the other brand products, the camera is smaller with the lens is lighter, and capable of travel or going outdoor activity.

Use with Astrotracer if you want to take starry sky images

Starry Sky Image

If you want to take astronomical images, then it is recommended that you must select the Astrotracer outward of the Pentax DSLR camera, which provided the most suitable features for shooting the starry sky. 

The Astrotracer has a function in which has similar to Equatorial mount. It can track the flow of the celestial and prevent it from flowing. If you are the person who likes to take images in astronomical, then this is the feature you should check when buying.

A movable display that allows shooting from different angles

Movable LCD Pentax Camera

If the LCD on the back of the camera will move, then you can easily capture images with a high-angle position. There are three types of Pentax DSLR camera display: Vari-angle in which LCD, that can change the angle depending on the model, Tilt LCD which can allow you to shoot angle down or up, and the flexible LCD that allows you to shoot wider angle. Try to think first the angle you want to take and choose the right one.

Easy sharing and transfer function using Network capability

Easy Sharing Functions Camera

Compatible SD Cards, Wireless Lan and NFC compatible models that will allow you to transfer your photos on your Laptop, Smartphones, or Tablet on the way, so you can easily share your photos to your friends or upload on Facebook. If you preferably share your photos, then check these features.

Top 5 Best Pentax Digital SLR Camera 2020

Right here, we will now introduce the top popular products of Pentax DSLR Camera according to its feature. The product introduced was based on the highest review and best selling online.

1. Pentax K-1 Mark II Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

Pentax K-1 Mark II
Price: $1,796.95 | Check Availability

Ultra high sensitivity camera with the highest ISO

With the excellent image processing system, with the greatest ISO sensitivity of 819200 reached. You can take photos with less noise and excellent color copies. It is provided with a 5-step, 5-axis image stabilization mechanism and recommended for those who are beginners to digital cameras.

2. Pentax K-3 Single Lens Reflex Camera

Pentax K-3 SLR Camera

Price: $798.00 | Check Availability

High durability body Best for shooting outdoors

This model uses a highly hard and highly durable metal shell structure. Besides, it is splash-proof, cold-resistant, and dust-proof, making it suitable for shooting in unfriendly conditions. It has a built-in GPS, so it's perfect for outdoor and outdoor situations.

3. Pentax K-S2 Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

Price: $899.99 | Check Availability

Viewfinder with a field of view of about 100% Camera

Utilizing an optical viewfinder brings the field of view to an approximately 100% angle. It's easy to view, so you can take photos with focus and formation. Also, the point is that the shutter released with the fasted speed.

Moreover, high-speed consecutive shooting at 5.5 frames/second is also applicable. You can capture clearly without missing vital subjects or quick expressions. This camera also recommended for those who want to take pictures of their pets or active objects.

4. Pentax K-50 Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

Price: $277.00 | Check Availability

The Pentax K-50 model which can shoot even with AA lithium battery

This model supports dual batteries so you can shoot with AA lithium batteries. It's an excellent camera for outdoor and traveling pictures where you can't charge the battery in any away.

The LCD monitor provides a live view and the angle of play is increased. Also recommended for those who are beginners to digital cameras because you can take while checking how the light and color will be achieved.

5. Pentax K-1 Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

Price: $1,599.00 | Check Availability

A model with overwhelming image quality, you can take genuine pictures

The Pentax K-1 has a full-size machine, and you can record with realistic and realistic texture. It is a camera for people who are looking for a camera with overwhelming image quality technology because it can express blurring with low noise.

Equipped with an LED light on the back of the LCD monitor. Besides, it also supports an Astrotracer, making it suitable for people who want to shoot astronomical objects and for dark scenes such as camping. The LCD is a flexible tilt-type, and the point is that the angle can be freely adjusted.

Summary and Recommendation

The number of Pentax DSLR camera models is small, with technology flowed into each way. The individuality of each model clearly shows up, so it is necessary to choose a model that does not fail to perceive the image, lifestyle, and the scene that you want to be recorded.

Please refer to the buying guide on the features that we introduced, and hopefully, at this time, you will find the camera that will suit you.